Eligibility Requirements

All Manufacturers/Organizations, including Non- Profits and NGOs involved in the production and/or commercialization of sustainable and socially responsible products and services are eligible to submit their entries for review (this includes but it is not limited to Natural, Organic, Fair Trade, Bio, Non-GMO, Healthier, Ethically Sourced, Non-Tested on Animals, Eco-Friendly, Earth-Friendly, Carbon Neutral, Electric, Solar Powered, L.E.A.D. Certified, One 4 One, Cause Marketing Programs, or devices or services that are presented as a solution to solve crucial issues etc). There is no limit to how many products a company can submit. Each company can submit multiple products in multiple categories.

Reviewing Process

All products submitted will be reviewed by a jury composed of Media Editors, Influencers, Celebrity Judges, NCW’s Parents Lab and Experts  selected based on their expertise. The judges will then narrow down all the entries to  5 finalists per category. Each finalist will receive a FINALIST BADGE that can be used on all marketing activities and to encourage fans, customers and stakeholders to vote to increase the chance to win.

Public voting will commence on July 8th. The company/product/service that will get the majority of the votes within its category will win.


IMPORTANT: The Jury’s & Editor’s Choice Awards, that are chosen directly by our Judge Panel WILL NOT be determined or influenced by the public voting.



  • The products submitted will not be returned as they have to be used for testing purposes.
  • The small admin fee helps us keep these awards alive and increase their exposure year after year.