Momcozy 100% Natural Bamboo Diaper

When babies wear our diapers which conveniently feature an adjustable elastic waistband, parents can rest easy knowing that the only materials touching their little ones’ skin are 100% natural. After strict bamboo selection, each fiber is intertwined by non-toxic and chemical-free water jets. The final product is then independently tested and certified to meet Standard 100 compliant by OEKO-TEX®.
When the Momcozy 100% Natural Bamboo Diaper is in place, the result is:
●Diaper-rash-free: the inborn powerful anti-microbial agent of bamboo known as “bamboo kun” has an antibacterial rate of up to 73% in 24 hours. Even if the baby produces output late at night and the diaper is not changed on time, “bamboo kun” will suppress the bacteria to reduce the chance of developing diaper rash.
●Breathable: instead of risking infection from damp skin, the Bamboo Diaper keeps the baby’s butt dry and comfortable with plenty of airflows.
●Absorbent: the unique SuperbDry Core locks liquid away from the source for up to 12 hours. Say goodbye to late-night emergency changes!
●Soft: smooth, rounded 1.5D fibers prevent rough scrapes against precious and sensitive skin.
●Eco-friendly: unlike leading diaper brands, the biodegradable outer layers of Momcozy Bamboo Diaper won’t harm the planet by sitting in a landfill.
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